Monday, July 25, 2011

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Google Plus

Google Plus’ birth gathered many speculations from the users, and since one of its purpose is to rival the leading social media site Facebook, excitement arose everyone. But what is this news that employees from Facebook gathered around Google+ and signed up? Well, let us not forget that maybe some of them just wanted to snoop around. Currently, Facebook has 750 million users as of the current date and Google is aimed at surpassing that number if not level with them.

Although Google+ is still in testing and trial process. It will be an exciting race for both Social Media giants, apparently, the race is on. Whatever is the reason why Facebook employees gathered around the new social media site, is giving Google+ the heads up in numbers. They are obviously helping Google+ reach their goal. For curiosity’s sake, we will go ahead and post the names of the Facebook guys that you can find in Google+ and possibly follow.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heineken's The Entrance video goes viral

Please click the photo below, enter your birthday and watch the funny video on YouTube by Heineken.

Is it so funny? This is a new Heineken's video ad! (Taiwan special version) Heineken has been making waves in the ad world. This time, Heineken have a private page on YouTube and they made this funny "flash" video on YouTube. This ad has quickly racked up 3 million views (including the original one) due to a clever campaign with additional content on Facebook and YouTube.

“The video focuses on the man’s interactions with all the guests, which are all pretty epic. We see him give an eye back to a rather salty looking sailor, get in a mock duel with a gunslinger, and even shoot some hoops. My favorite had to be the mock karate battle, which had some pretty slick moves to get possession of the Heineken bottle. In the end, our star joins the band on stage, adding in some jazz (yaz) flute, and getting the party really started.” January 14, 2011 | Author Social Trooper

Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm here @ a striking online cinema

I’m Here is a creative collaboration between Spike Jonze and ABSOLUT VODKA, acknowledging the brand’s position as a pioneering and culture-shaping brand. Now, I’m Here, is globally released on

I'm Here is a love story about two robots living in Los Angeles. The sad-eyed robot librarian Sheldon leads a lonely and methodical life, until he one day meets Francesca, a creative and free-spirited female robot. Robot romance develops and the story is just as beautiful as it is unpredictable.

On, everyday has 5,000 viewers sign in and enjoy the movic. Although the ABSOLUT's product don't appear in the movic, people see its brand name. Also, it get lots of media coverage and linkage to its company website. Therefore, it is a successful integration between PR event, video and online marketing.

Here is the trailer of the movic
For the whole 30-minute film, please go to

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How Would Be a Successful Viral Marketing?

We have shared many successful viral marketing examples of food and beverage sector in our blog. What are their key successful elements?
After our analyze, we would list out few basic elements of viral marketing.

1. Give away valuable products or services
"Free" is the most powerful word in the world. For instance, "Mini Flash Game"which always comprise company's products and service. As it is free, most customers are willing to play it. If they think the games are interesting, they even will share it to their friends via differenet media such as facebook, twitter, etc. Another example is "Group Buying". Although it is not free, it gives away value to customers. Pls see it:

2. Provide for effortless transfer to others
Virus only spread when they are east to transmit. The medium that carries your marketing message must be easy to transfer and replicate. In addition, you must simplify your marketing message so it can be transitted easily and without degradation.

3. Verify that your website is ready to handle the traffic
Plan for scale so that the success so that you are prepared to handle the increase in traffic and subsequent increase in business.

4. Exploits Behaviors and Needs
Viral marketing is based on being liked by people because either they need it or feel pride in getting associated with it .

Saturday, July 16, 2011

iPhone & Android Apps for promotion

Smart phone is a trend, especially iPhone & Android. Most youngster and business may have one of this or both. And the advantages of iPhone & Android smart phone have much application software (apps) for using which can suitable the owner style.

So using app in marketing become common now. And most company starts to develop their company apps. Why need develop the apps for smart phone. It is because the number of user in iPhone & Android are increasing. If an apps are useful, have benefit and make more convenience for the user, it will be increase the download in the apple store or android market. Then will be increase the brand awareness to the user.

Pizza hut is a example. They develop the apps in especially for each country, such as in Hong Kong and USA …etc. The apps let the user can order the food in anywhere. It makes user more convenience.

However, something must pay attention. It is about information of the company products or services are the latest updated and all functions are workable . If not, will enhance the bad comment of the apps then will no user to download. Also, marketer or PR must need to handle it asap.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Chinese milk「舒化奶」in Transformer 3

Transformaer 3 acculmate 500 million dollars income over the world and over 10 millions audience to see this movie. As the Yili (伊利集團) place the product in that will be enhance the product「舒化奶」over the world. But the cost of this placement is 60 million dollars per second and it appear in the movie is 10 seconds.

Product of 「舒化奶」ref. :

That a good product placement of Chinese box milk「舒化奶」in a favourite movie Transformer 3.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anti-Mcdonald's Flash Game

Did you play a flash game which called anti-advergames?

Anti-advergames, are online games that target companies and corporations and take an activist position against such promotion of companies, products and viewpoints. They are the opposite of advergames. These games encourage players to question the motives, morals and social values of the companies they target.

The McDonald's Videogame is a good example of Anti-advergames.

It is an online game created by the Italian company La Molleindustria.
The McDonald's Video Game is a parody of the business practices of McDonald's, taking a tycoon style business operation game. The game presents the player with four views, the farmland, the slaughterhouse, the restaurant, and the corporate, and through each of these views, decisions can be made which will affect the fate of the player's company. 

In the game, the player plays the role of a McDonald's CEO, choosing whether or not to feed the player's cows, or plow over rainforests, or feed the player's cows to other cows. The player can also choose advertising strategies and public official corruption to counteract opponents of the player's actions.

Actually, it reflects the fact how Mc Donald’s affected the environment in the Earth already. People can understand and identify what should they do immediately, such as do not eat in Mc Donald’s.
I promise I will do so.

It is a good way to spread anti message and draw attention via a funny flash game.Let’s play together.

How I think a success of viral video marketing campaign

Viral video marketing campaign is so common now, especially for targeting young customer. Most company uses this method which wants to achieve the brand, product or service awareness. 

But how to achieve and how is a success viral video marketing campaign? Let start form some explanation
Viral marketing means spread a message of products or services which let customer has awareness, just like using word-of-mouth which is a common method. And now can use a social media tool – Facebook to share.
Video marketing means use a video to speak out a product or services though different channels which most use the youtube. If the heading of video is related to SEO wording which can enhance the video be seen when people searching.

An a viral video marketing campaign simple expansion is using a video which the content is about product or service then spread or share in a short time different online platform, such as facebook..etc.

The important elements of a success viral marketing campaign with video are creative and can make the buzz which word-of-mouth marketing. If have a good or bad buzz that the campaign for awareness is success. And how to handle if occur bad buzz that need related to the marketer or PR response. Then use Facebook to share video to friends or fans which can increase the speed of spread, such as my previous post, Budweiser. However, the production cost of video may be higher.

Finally, in my own view of this assignment for viral video marketing that has a very important element should be included that is Creative. A creative video which make audience have a smile or surprise, most related to lifestyle and a easy remember slogan will be enhance the success.

For example:
Kee Wah Bakery is a Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Bakery Brand. And have a Slogan “Hong Kong have own Souvenirs”  for their ad which is creative. If the marketing of Kee Wah posting their TV ad in youtube (already posted but lower rate of view and in Chinese version) with english version and send e-mail or or using facebook spread out to foreign customer.
Also using the keyword of “Hong Kong gifts” or “Hong Kong souvenir” for the heading of video in youtube and invitie to subscribe. Then may increase the sales of their products.

香港廣告: kee wah 奇華餅家(香港終於有手信)2006

Basic Tips for Marketing Video Making

Before making your video for marketing, there are few things you should do.

1. Defining Your Target Audience – Your target should be defined and well-known, because there is nothing worse than blind marketing.  Nowadays, billions of video uploaded to the Internet everyday. Therefore, you should fit to your audience need and interest in order to get there attention.

2. Defining Your Message – What  are you trying to tell your viewers? Your brand, new product or etc. Find it out and ensure that you are giving your viewers EXACTLY what they want.

3. Being Unique And Authentic – The more unique you can be the more you will get noticed and form buzz. So that you can get a viral (seen millions of times) effect.  It will be a new and memorable  experience for your viewers if you can do something that makes you stand out. Try to focus on your most effective traits and characteristics and incorporate them into your videos.